de nature politique – sous-vêtements contre le viol

  • Probably pretty amazing that this is not even slightly morbid… well okay, maybe slightly.
  • Anti-rape underwear is a pretty amazing invention by Indian women to not only prevent rape but also to counter the culture of acceptable rape in societies that historically practice forms of benevolent sexism that actually accept the notion that men are inherently animals that rape women and that women not only need to accept this but are semi-responsible for the prevention through extreme submission to their menfolk.  I will spare a more complex explanation of benevolent sexism… because it is not the salient point.
  • Picture wearing a gps tracking, alarm sounding, tazer (that isn’t even bad looking).  Amazing.
  •  Here is the rub… this still promotes the idea of benevolent sexism.  It is women who designed this – promoting the idea that they are responsible for the prevention of rape rather than educating men.  One step forward, two steps back – the dance continues.

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